I am chairman of the Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI) wanted to shift from investing in Bank FDs to Bank Bonds. I placed my enquiry on the JBN WhatsApp group and got connected with a member from Udaipur. We have invested Rs 4.5 crore through him and we expect to make the investment to Rs 10 cr.

I have always cultivated relationships and in JBN, I do the same. Through my personal connects, I have helped several people in their business. A Joy of successfully Connecting someone is altogether a different feeling.

I shared an enquiry of almost closed order worth Rs. 2 crores in JBN groups hoping to get a Jain vendor. I am glad to share that within a week; I got a vendor from Ahmedabad with a much better price benefitting both.

I am a part of JBN WhatsApp groups for some time now and I am glad to share that I have done business worth more than 10 Crores through JBN platform. I am proud to say that 80% of my vendors are Jain and will eventually make It to 100%.

Sudhir Gadiya who ventured into opening a college in the name of ARIHANT GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS met each other in JBN Meetings.

Ashok Nagori who ventured into opening a college in the name of ARIHANT GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS met each other in JBN Meetings.

Ashoka Buildcon has been a frontrunner in giving business to fraternity members and through JBN platform we have given business close to Rs 2100 crores till now. We believe in true Economic Empowerment of society and are always open for proposals from our fraternity members.

I am glad to share that I have received business to the tune of Rs. 55 Lakhs through JBN platform. The best part is you get connected to people easily and the trust level is very high.
I recommend all especially Ladies to use this platform to the fullest and get yourself noticed.

Being from a Youth wing, I have closed business with many members across the country to the tune of Rs. 4.2 crores

I have posted one enquiry over JBN and got various leads which got converted into a business worth Rs. 60 crore

I have signed MOU with Ahsoka Buildcon during Gujarat Meets Mumbai – Nahar JBN Meet of Rs. 50 crore.

I have provided Rs.550 Cr worth of finance to members through JBN platform.

I have booked more than 3500 nights for JITO Members and 21 destination marriages till now. I have done business worth 5 crore approx. through JBN.

Shri Neeraj Motawat from Ghatkopar has insured assets worth Rs. 500 Cr over 18 months through JBN.

I have provided loan disbursement of Rs. 1525 crore to JITO Members through JBN platform. I attended JBN Meet as a guest and seeing the potential became a member immediately.

By attending JBN Meetings, I was able to close an order worth Rs. 5 crores of 100 premises for my company Saral Vastu. The order I got from JBN is the highest in the industry till date.

I have done business worth Rs. 31 lakhs through JBN. More than the business done I have built long term Relations with all whom I did business. I would like to say JBN is the best Networking Platform for Jains

I am very active on JBN platform and regularly post exclusive real estate deals. I am pleased to say that I have closed deals worth 100 crores till date.

I am into Electronics, IT& Telecom vertical and I would like to share that I have got business with Rs. 20 lakhs from JBN

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