National JBN Orientation Program
December 4, 2020


Date & Time

19th December, Saturday between 5 PM - 8 PM

Jai Jinendra

The time has come to formally know each other. As we are prepared to follow the JBN Roadmap 2020-22, it is important that we understand the Mission, Vision, Goals, Team, Roles & Responsibilities before embarking on the journey to take JBN to newer heights.
Hence, we are coming up with a National JBN Orientation Program on 19th December, Saturday between 5 PM – 8 PM.
A special event curated for JBN Conveners/Co-Conveners and those associated with JBN directly or indirectly.

We will take you through New initiatives like:

a) JBN CFE (Center For Excellence)
b) Small Scale Business (SSB)
c) JBN Mentorship Program
d) JBN Industry Groups
e) JBN FDD (Franchise, Distributor, Dealer)
f) JBN Opportunities Creation

We shall also understand the existing channels like Referral Groups, JBN IT & Social Media, National Events and Whatsapp Group functioning.

Let’s Enable to Engage through Economic Empowerment !!!

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