Primary Objectives:

Primary Objective is to fulfil one of the key objective of JITO “Economic Empowerment” of JITO members directly & indirectly of Jain community (potential JITO members). This will be enabled by creating a global business networking platform using multiple channels for business development in a trustworthy environment.

Core Purpose of JBN:

  • To empower All Jains to exponentially grow collectively by coming together as a Community.Upholding Jain Values
  • Gender-Neutral approach
  • Business mentoring, lead generation
  • To create a trustworthy support system.

Secondary Objectives:

  • To act as a catalyst to increase JITO membership by providing a clear and objective deliverable to all current and prospective members.
  • To increase networking amongst the Jain community and bring closer
  • To ensure all JITO members are continuously connected – to be the biggest connector to members.

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